01. He threw his apple [core] out the window.
02. The [core] of the problem is his inability to work with others.
03. Scientists tell us that the Earth's [core] is composed of molten material.
04. Scientists are now able to create conditions in the lab which produce greater heat than the [core] of the sun itself.
05. You don't need to [core] the apples before putting them in the juicer.
06. It is important that we get more people to move into the city [core] in order to make it a friendlier, more interesting place.
07. Students in our program do their [core] classes Monday to Thursday, and their elective classes on Friday.
08. We really need to get to the [core] of the problem.
09. Averil Coxhead has noted that you can look for a word's [core] meaning by looking for similarities in meanings of that word in different contexts.
10. As people move to the suburbs, the [core] of many cities becomes drained of residents.
11. Frederick Chiluba once said that the greatest lesson we can learn from the past is that freedom is at the [core] of every successful nation in the world.
12. Stars can exist only as long as energy continues to move from their [cores] to their surfaces.
13. Even the Liberals' [core] base of voters seems to have turned against the party as a result of this recent scandal.
14. In 1967, a science magazine predicted that private passenger vehicles would be barred from most city [cores] by 1986.
15. She peeled and [cored] all the apples in preparation for the pie.
16. Peeling and [coring] the apples takes about half an hour.
17. The Roman Colosseum was constructed around a concrete [core], with an extensive system of stairways and halls to permit easy access.
18. The center of the planet Earth is believed to consist of two distinct parts, with a liquid outer [core] surrounding a solid inner [core].
19. The central [core] of our earth is composed predominantly of iron and nickel.

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